Speaking of the Garage (Shed Removal)

Last week, we took advantage of our friends’ offer to use their dumpster to dump some of our own dumpworthy junk.  I took the four kids to town to run an errand, and came back to this.

The shed is gone!

For a good before picture, scroll down on the original Garage post.

The Garage: Phase 1 – The Roof (Part 2)

This was a weekend project, and I insisted the roof be completed before we left town on a roadtrip.  I don’t know why, but I needed a goal.

To satisfy our insurance company, we have to fix up the garage. My interpretation is that it needs to not have the following: a leaking roof, peeling lead paint, decrepit attached shed, or half-assed electrical wiring.  An operational door of some sort would be a bonus.

Craig came to our rescue on a (luckily) mostly-cool Sunday.

The prep work is almost done.

There were about five layers of roll-on asphalt — the bottom two layers were a crumbled mess. (And so many nails!)

Decking is mostly clean and ready.

Did I mention that as soon as Ben started this project, it rained on and off for a couple weeks?  No, I still haven’t cleaned out the inside of the garage.  I’m basically covering my eyes and pretending we weren’t storing anything of value in there.

Our new truck(!) with 1,940 pounds of roofing asphalt debris.

A bittersweet purchase. My sister and family recently relocated, and gave us a good deal on their truck.  Man, we needed this truck.

The back side of the garage. Almost to the apex!

Front side of the garage. So close to complete. Did I take a picture of the completed roof? No, I did not.

We still need fascia and gutters, but that will require the removal of another 1,000 nails.

The next steps?  Paint removal and a new door.

Summer Flowers: Surprises

I know, I know, it’s mostly more roses, but … we have a lot of roses.

Yes, more roses, and oh my — gladiolas. I love them.

Most of these were surprises, especially the gladiolas.  Some of these roses came up on bushes that we had intended to remove, but once we cut down to the base, we neglected to dig them out.   I’ve since decided they could stay in those locations… for now.

Forests of snapdragons still, and rosebushes that keep bouncing back each time I dead-head them. (Some of the other bushes have given in to their mildew diseases. Ugh.)

I love seeing the plants that are coming up on their own.  There was little evidence of any of this last summer when we were in escrow.

Eventually I’ll have a plan for the yard, or at least a corner of the yard.  For now, it’s all about maintenance.  There is always so much to cut back, pull up, and train.  If only I had some little people around that would lend a hand. (Note extreme sarcasm.)

View From My Office

There are some lovely views around here.  This is the one I see most often.

Flowers. Birds. (Clouds.) Summer in Humboldt.

The Summer Garden

It’s not much, but it’s a beautiful start.

Tomatoes and sugar snap peas.


The herb box. Oregano (in back) and parsley for now.

Potatoes in the foreground (we’re weeding, I swear!), sweet peas and a hidden rosebush growing up the fence. If only the sweet peas were edible — there are so many pea pods!

Another tomato, two peppers, two eggplants. A more recent addition, forced upon us by our sweet neighbor that let me “shop” in her greenhouse. We need more soil. But they’ll survive the summer anyway.

Chives and some dead thyme, transplanted to this pot from our rental house before the move. What a metaphor, eh? Our thyme didn’t survive the move to this house.

An extra tomato plant, growing in a bucket.