Max and the Music

Max started taking piano lessons in September.  And he loves it.

He practices constantly.  Do you know how terribly annoying this could be?  It could be, but it’s not.  (Well, most of the time.)  I mean, it does get exhausting hearing “Home on the Range” over and over again, but there is something incredibly awesome about this boy and the piano.

When Max was a baby, maybe 8-months-old or so, we were at his cousin’s 3rd birthday party.  I was sitting on the floor, with him sitting on his own between my legs.  He was moving — dancing! — to the music.

I know, I know, it doesn’t quite sound real, but it was. He was intentionally moving his body to the beat of the music.

As soon as he could talk, he’d ask about the music. He’d ask to hear certain songs, and he’d listen. When he was two, he started to ask what instrument was playing.  This often was a source of frustration because I wasn’t sure which instrument he was asking about.  I’d respond by asking him the instruments that were easy, “do you mean the piano, guitar, bass?” Eventually, I’d get to it: banjo, trumpet. I’d show him a picture.

By the time he was three, he was requesting specific tracks off of CDs while we were in the car.

I didn’t have him take music before now because we weren’t ready. I say “we” because it truly takes more than just a child’s interest to keep a child interested. It takes routine and stability, a family’s patience, and it takes space. And also, he was terribly irritated in music class at school.  As much as he loves to sing and hum (which he is constantly doing), it is not his idea of fun to stand in front of the school singing lovely songs about peace and recycling.

He’s been writing a song. A couple weeks ago, he gave me permission to take video of the parts he was working on at the time.  (This has changed quite a bit since then.)  Eventually, I’ll get the whole piece recorded (and notated!), but for now, here’s some parts to enjoy.

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  1. Amy Clifton

     /  November 5, 2012

    That is fantastic! THe kid definitely has talent and a real sense of harmonies. Thanks so much for sharing this. Look forward to hearing more from him.

  2. I detected some use of minor chords, so very beautiful. Love, Grandma Judy Wier

  3. Wow. I think often of being your neighbor when he was 3 and would request certain songs. I think often of Max and the Music. This is Awfully exciting! Max the musician!!


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