This was all very last-minute, with three of the five pumpkins carved and all the decorations being thrown together in a mad rush before starting dinner at 4 p.m., feeding the boys, and sending Max off into the world with his friends. Matthew stayed home and handed out candy (with the special privilege of eating our supplies and playing video games), while Ben and I took the little ones around town.

Dummy created by me and the boys, while Sophie was passed around because the girl would not sleep.

That pumpkin in the middle with no light? It has foamy goo coming out of his mouth.  It wasn’t as effective as we hoped, but do a search for this if you’re looking for some science fun: yeast, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap.  If you can get some higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide, do it.  3% is kinda boring.

What I really wanted was that fake spiderweb stuff you can buy in the store. But by the time I made any attempt to find it (via Ben’s stop after work on Tuesday), the stores were all out. We found some yarn at the local thrift store for $1, and … have you ever built a giant spiderweb? So much fun. I’m going to be an orb weaver in my next life, if I have any say in it.

I wasn’t intending to be creative, it just happened.

These are Sam’s pumpkins which we carved together. The one on the left — he wanted a sad face. The one on the right was a design using a stencil he liked. See the dead flowers in the back? I couldn’t have planned it, but there they were in all their two-week-old dead glory on my kitchen table on Halloween morning.

You see… our house is kinda creepy and our street is fairly dark. I had to make it more creepy to decrease the creepiness. I also had Matthew turn on our bedroom lights upstairs and open the curtains.  A beacon, of sorts.  Kids! Come down our street!

Max won a door prize at the school’s Halloween carnival. He picked the largest pumpkin which Sam and I carted home using the wagon. Matthew cut the top and helped clean it out. Carving by Max, with help from Matthew and a stencil.

Matthew’s “chronically depressed pumpkin” or something like that.

If you’re looking for pictures of the kids, well… this is all you get.  Matthew didn’t dress up, and Max wore a store-bought skeleton mask and wore all black. Borrrrring.

Sam was a ninja, using the top from one of Max’s old costumes.

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  1. Amy Clifton

     /  November 1, 2012

    I love the pumpkins! The web is pretty great too. 🙂


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