Hazardous Waste

Today is hazardous waste drop-off day in our town, and we took this opportunity to clean out the various cans and containers that, for the last year, I dreaded putting in the car with the kids and driving 20 miles to the facility that normally collects these things.

My guess is as good as yours — is that actually Normal Saline in the bottle? Is there really oil in the oil can? Thinner in the paint thinner can? I didn’t dare open them up to investigate. Also pictured: wood bleach, half full gas can, Flavor Fry, and various cans of paints, stains, and floor adhesive.

It cost $5 to drop off.  But Ben didn’t have $5 on him, so they took it for free.  I love our town.

What seems like a zillion pounds of dirt, ash, and other debris from the toxic burn barrel and burn pile we found smouldering in our yard just before we closed escrow. Yay for careless stupid people!

Remember the condition of the garage when we moved in?  It’s not much better.  But at least now it doesn’t feel so explosive and caustic.

We did not take this meth pipe to the hazardous waste drop-off. What a score! (Please tell me you can hear my sarcasm here.)




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  1. Mamma

     /  October 13, 2012

    Hi Honey, I hear your sarcasm. You are a very good writer. Thanks, love, Mamma


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