The Garage: Phase 1 – The Roof (Part 2)

This was a weekend project, and I insisted the roof be completed before we left town on a roadtrip.  I don’t know why, but I needed a goal.

To satisfy our insurance company, we have to fix up the garage. My interpretation is that it needs to not have the following: a leaking roof, peeling lead paint, decrepit attached shed, or half-assed electrical wiring.  An operational door of some sort would be a bonus.

Craig came to our rescue on a (luckily) mostly-cool Sunday.

The prep work is almost done.

There were about five layers of roll-on asphalt — the bottom two layers were a crumbled mess. (And so many nails!)

Decking is mostly clean and ready.

Did I mention that as soon as Ben started this project, it rained on and off for a couple weeks?  No, I still haven’t cleaned out the inside of the garage.  I’m basically covering my eyes and pretending we weren’t storing anything of value in there.

Our new truck(!) with 1,940 pounds of roofing asphalt debris.

A bittersweet purchase. My sister and family recently relocated, and gave us a good deal on their truck.  Man, we needed this truck.

The back side of the garage. Almost to the apex!

Front side of the garage. So close to complete. Did I take a picture of the completed roof? No, I did not.

We still need fascia and gutters, but that will require the removal of another 1,000 nails.

The next steps?  Paint removal and a new door.

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  1. Amy

     /  August 10, 2012

    Great! I love to see pictures of Ben working 😉 nice to have a pick-up! Will you buy a gun rack for it??


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