Summer Flowers: Surprises

I know, I know, it’s mostly more roses, but … we have a lot of roses.

Yes, more roses, and oh my — gladiolas. I love them.

Most of these were surprises, especially the gladiolas.  Some of these roses came up on bushes that we had intended to remove, but once we cut down to the base, we neglected to dig them out.   I’ve since decided they could stay in those locations… for now.

Forests of snapdragons still, and rosebushes that keep bouncing back each time I dead-head them. (Some of the other bushes have given in to their mildew diseases. Ugh.)

I love seeing the plants that are coming up on their own.  There was little evidence of any of this last summer when we were in escrow.

Eventually I’ll have a plan for the yard, or at least a corner of the yard.  For now, it’s all about maintenance.  There is always so much to cut back, pull up, and train.  If only I had some little people around that would lend a hand. (Note extreme sarcasm.)

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  1. Amy

     /  August 10, 2012

    I’ve always loved gladiolas too. They’re beautiful 🙂

    • I was so excited to see them blooming. I wondered what those mysterious bulbs were going to turn out to be. I might try transplanting some of them this winter, as a couple of the really gorgeous ones are out by the sidewalk and were quickly smashed and broken by (I assume) boys on bicycles as soon as they started to lean.


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