The Summer Garden

It’s not much, but it’s a beautiful start.

Tomatoes and sugar snap peas.


The herb box. Oregano (in back) and parsley for now.

Potatoes in the foreground (we’re weeding, I swear!), sweet peas and a hidden rosebush growing up the fence. If only the sweet peas were edible — there are so many pea pods!

Another tomato, two peppers, two eggplants. A more recent addition, forced upon us by our sweet neighbor that let me “shop” in her greenhouse. We need more soil. But they’ll survive the summer anyway.

Chives and some dead thyme, transplanted to this pot from our rental house before the move. What a metaphor, eh? Our thyme didn’t survive the move to this house.

An extra tomato plant, growing in a bucket.




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  1. Liana Harlan

     /  July 9, 2012

    Looks great so far! I just realized I don’t seem to have your email address. I think we might take a road trip up the coast in October. I would love to stop by to say hi! Oh yeah, and we finally got chickens! 🙂 I think my email address should be attached to this comment (hopefully).

    • I will email you! Please stop by. We’ll have a little baby to show you too. We’re planning to get chickens next spring — I can’t wait.

  2. What I find continually amazing about vegetable plants is how crazy they are for life. The tiny tomato, pepper and eggplant plants are probably ten times that size now. This is always a problem for me because they start out so small, and I tend to over plant, which leads to lower production and a really crowded garden.

    • One of our tomato plants is three times bigger than any other. Even when we don’t over plant… well, we still do.


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