Birthday: Max’s 9th

On the morning of Max’s birthday, I got up early and prepared a special feast.  Then I woke the boys so they’d have time to eat before camp.  And then I found out that there was no camp because of the rain.

A set table. What?! I haven’t done this for years. The boy loves the aesthetics though. He said it was like eating at a restaurant. (I didn’t point out the wrinkled tablecloth.)

Damnit.  I should have let them sleep.

9 is my favorite number. (And not a bad age for a boy.)

Birthday boy’s breakfast — fresh waffle with homemade strawberry sauce and fresh whipped cream. Bacon and orange slices too.


The next day, we had many 8 and 9-year-olds arrive for snacks, then hopped in the cars to go see Madagascar 3, jumped on over to the playground, and zipped back home for cake and presents.

Party snacks — orange slices, melon, homemade breadsticks, and store-bought pizza sauce. I have no delusions that they’ll eat my homemade sauce.

Chocolate mousse and ice cream bombe. An experiment. Incredibly delicious, and it will look better next time. Thank you for the inspiration!

The inside of the bombe. That’s Amazon chocolate cake from Cafe Beaujolais at the bottom. Chocolate Mousse (I went with a simple recipe from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything), and Crystal brand vanilla ice cream (because I’m cheap). And a chocolate glaze over the top. We were short on candles, so I used 3 red ones and 2 yellows, to represent 3 squared.

Present-opening frenzy.

A moment of stillness, surrounded by absolute chaos.

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  1. Judy Wier

     /  July 5, 2012

    Hi Kimmy and Family, I really don’t know how you do it all. Anyway, the table is so beautiful, and I recognize my mother’s old table cloth. She would be so happy to see it used. Love, Mamma

    • Yes! I’m a firm believer in using the stuff I got, even if it means favorite dishes get broken or pretty tablecloths get stained. However, I’m still not sure how to work china tea sets into our lives. Perhaps the baby girl will help me figure this out.

  2. Good pictures of the kids. Who is behind the camera?

    • That would be me. I try not to post many pictures of Matthew, just because I’m not sure he wants me to. But I wanted to capture some of the silliness and nonstop motion of that day, and Matthew was an integral part of it.


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