The Garage: Phase 1 – The Roof

The work on the garage has begun.

Could that statement be any more passive?  Could I be any more passive?  When I say the work has begun, I mean that Ben has started.  I’m honestly just sitting around.

Ben and Jerome Craig will tear off the old roll-on roofing asphalt this weekend, repair loose decking, and start putting on a new roof.

He started tearing up the roof about 10 days ago and then it’s been raining off and on since. The roof leaked before. I haven’t bothered to see how much water is sitting on the floor (green shag carpet!).

View From Our Bedroom

Our bedroom is in the southwest corner of our house, so we get the sunset views.

Our first night in the house, November 2011. Sunset from our window.  The tree on the far right can be seen in the midleft of the next photo.

Sunset in May 2012, from the same bedroom window.  The sun moves a lot up here near the 41°.


View From My Office

There are some lovely views around here.  This is the one I see most often.

Flowers. Birds. (Clouds.) Summer in Humboldt.

The Shower!

It’s a lovely shower.

We did it.  We got it installed.

I have always read these types of handles as BUT rather than TUB.

More photos someday, maybe when we figure out what color we actually want for the walls.


The Summer Garden

It’s not much, but it’s a beautiful start.

Tomatoes and sugar snap peas.


The herb box. Oregano (in back) and parsley for now.

Potatoes in the foreground (we’re weeding, I swear!), sweet peas and a hidden rosebush growing up the fence. If only the sweet peas were edible — there are so many pea pods!

Another tomato, two peppers, two eggplants. A more recent addition, forced upon us by our sweet neighbor that let me “shop” in her greenhouse. We need more soil. But they’ll survive the summer anyway.

Chives and some dead thyme, transplanted to this pot from our rental house before the move. What a metaphor, eh? Our thyme didn’t survive the move to this house.

An extra tomato plant, growing in a bucket.