Back Porch (Phase 1)

The first thing I absolutely needed to do after we moved in was to remove the windows and broken glass from the back porch.  First we removed the chain link gate, and various fasteners (rope, wire, bungee cords, nails and screws), and then Ben took out the window.

Months passed and rain fell and still we weren’t sure what to do.  Removing the whole structure seemed daunting, and then… then we would have no rain cover at all after stepping off our back porch.  But last month, when the sun came and the yard warmed up, I knew we needed to open the space.

We found that most of the structure was built well, and though it was ugly, I wanted to somehow save it and make it work for us. There seemed to be some additions that were an afterthought — “let’s close up the space” type of thought.  Phase 1 was to remove the afterthought.

Most of the fiberglass sheeting removed from front section of shed. Ben and Sam and Booker playing baseball in the background.


External view. Not shown: Sam and Ben and Booker playing baseball.


Matthew removing nails. Booker and Sam and Ben playing baseball in the background.


Yay! Ben took down the frame and cut the fiberglass sheeting roof with a sawzall (we’re not ready to take off the roof yet).

It’s looking better.

Look at the hidden bricks I found under the grass!

However, now… the sky is falling.

Welcome to Northern California.


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  1. Still, a big improvement! Nice to see.

  2. Judy

     /  June 5, 2012

    Hi Kids, All I can say is WOW, WOW! Unbelievably beautiful. Love, Mom

  3. Does it add more light to the back living room?

  4. It does. And it will even more when we’re done. We’ll be changing the roof and side of the structure eventually too.

  5. Jackie

     /  June 7, 2012

    I am soooo glad you bought that house..can’t wait to see it..and your family..evolve. I mean..not your family evolve in the sense of evolution, but like..get bigger …and stuff…

    • Thank you, Jackie!

    • And, you know, we could do well with some more evolving (and maybe a little less growing — after September, of course).


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