May Update; See You in July

Because I need the month of June to recover.

Hello May.

I’m quiet on the house news, but there is some slow progress.  We’re busy masterminding the plans for the garage because though it would be lovely to tear it down and start fresh someday (and in the meantime have a cement pad with a basketball hoop — yes, I live in a house of boys), the cost is prohibitive to rebuild anytime in the future, and it sure would be nice to have a place to play ping pong in the rainy winter and to store our ladder and paint cans now.  And if we want to rebuild, it’s likely it will not be allowed in the same location — on the property line, butting up on the alley.  Who even knows about the electricity? I assume there’s power to the box, but all those spliced and taped cords strung across the ceiling? Not priority.  Besides, it’s still raining.

And then there’s the bathroom. We ordered the fixture for the shower, but when we got the plumber out here, he’s not very excited about the custom installation, and not very confident it’s a good idea to have it all hang from the ceiling with no wall support. Eh. I can handle this sort of challenge normally — gleefully make call after call, research the shit out of it — but… eh. I don’t care right now.

May. So far.

And maybe it shows.  But really, we’re insanely busy.  See our May calendar? There are 28 sports games (between Sam, Max, Matthew and Ben), 11 physical therapy and doctor and dental appointments for me, orthodontist and dental appointments for the kids, dog training for Booker, and not-to-mention (OK, I’m mentioning it), all the practices and laundry and school events (open house! spring concert!)… it gets to the point of… Mom=numb, apathetic.

And I hate numbness and apathy.  But in regards to the house — it’s still standing, so that’s what matters right now. It’s a lovely house, strong and supportive. Big and comforting.  It holds our family well.

(Please, house, carry us through May.)

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  1. Bonnie

     /  May 4, 2012

    Since your house project will probably take years, don’t worry about it. Write in the blog when something new happens. But please, Kim, carry us through your life.


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