The Living Room (East)

I believe this was the original dining room. But we have no way of knowing. For now, it’s the yellow room.

When we first moved in, I wasn’t sure how to refer to these two rooms, which are seemingly one.  It was suggested that I name them after folks I know, such as the Chet room, and the Roe room.  But I couldn’t decide, and indecision lead to passivity, and before I knew it, Sam had the rooms named by color.

The east side of our living room, as seen from the other side. We want to build built-in bookshelves along that whole wall. It will be amazing. Someday.

The yellow room is home to the blue drop-leaf table (against the right wall), the stove (left wall), and the red nesting tables (straight ahead).  Heh. Nice chandelier, huh? We can’t even be bothered to put another bulb in.

This is the darkest room in the house, due to the structure attached to our back porch. (Gosh, I haven’t even showed that to you yet. What an ugly mess. But it’s been a nice dry storage area, and the cats really appreciate the shelter.)

It’s hard to get an accurate photo of the two wall colors together. I mean, it’s hard because I have children underfoot and I was interrupting March Madness when I took this picture.  The green is warmer than shown here. 

The old Zenith radio cabinet -- bought at an estate sale for $10. White doily -- from Grandma's house. Lamp -- locally passed-down. Painting -- copy of Georgia O'Keeffe's "Pansy 1926"

Did you see that bookshelf? Books are stacked two-deep, and we still have more boxes of books.  We were previously living in a rental that had built-in shelves everywhere, and we passed on the extra bookcases we had.  (I know we could get rid of some, but then how would we fill our built-in shelves?)

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  1. I kind of like the chandelier…very “early American” .. kind of sweet.


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