Changes: The Boys’ Bunkbed.

It’s a good thing we’re having another baby because our room is a little lonely without Sam.

We got Matthew a new bed, and put the bunkbed back together in Max’s room.

He loves his bed. And Max loves the top bunk.

I’m not going to tell you how easy bedtime has been, because one must never express the good behavior of children publicly unless one wants to test fate and faith.

It’s a comfortable mattress. Mom gave it to us in 2001 — it’s a good one. It’s cycling through the children (the young ones get the good mattress, since I spend so many nighttime hours on it myself).

He hasn’t asked to come back to our room yet. And in the morning, he sometimes calls, “Max!” instead of his usual “Mom!” I still can’t take down his toddler bed.

From here he was looking through the window, watching his brothers play catch in the back yard.

Sam. What more can I say?

Oh, and it’s really fun to drop things from here.

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  1. It’s great that brothers share a room! Glad that Max is good with it after having the taste of his own room for a while. I guess in 3 years Max will move in with Matthew again and the two little ones can share a room. Good planning!

    • We’ll likely have Sam and the baby share the big room upstairs, making it the main playroom, and at that time we’ll convert the downstairs playroom back into a bedroom. I’m not too comfortable with a 12-year-old sharing a room with a 16-year-old. Max is a little too precocious.

  2. Judy Wier

     /  March 24, 2012

    Hi Kimmy,
    –With all you do, I don’t know how you can find the time to blog, but thank you so very much.
    –I miss you all so much, and these pictures and stories really help.
    Love, Mamma


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