Beautiful Things: Red Nesting Tables

I found these in an antique store in San Diego — near Hillcrest or Kensington or somewhere near there.  I was 23 with a new baby. I wish I had asked more questions.

Three nesting tables.

I know nothing about them, and neither did the antique dealer.  The shop sold things on consignment, and these were tucked in a corner.  At least I could have contacted the original seller.

But anyway, I fell in love.

Top of the large table.

A friend once remarked that they were incredible, and maybe from somewhere exotic — somewhere like West Timor or Java or I don’t know, some place where beautiful things are made by hand with care.

The middle table. It gets the least use, of course.

Or maybe they were somebody’s old tables, covered with paint and stencils and lacquer by a steady hand in his garage.

The baby table. The kids sometimes get to use this, but I prefer to have them leave mama's tables alone. (Note the chip on the left side.

(Know anything? Please leave a comment.)

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  1. THOSE are fantastic!

  2. Vanessa Garben

     /  September 14, 2014

    I’m at a loss. My first impression was Aztec. John an I have a similar set but the design is different.


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