Small Improvements

I haven’t written much, though I want to. I have ideas, topics I want to share — the paint colors, a kitchen tour, the playroom.  The least I could do is show you the boys’ rooms someday.

But all we’ve done is make small improvements — a new bathroom faucet, some wall repair, small talk of a painting party so we can get the major painting completed (the walls, if not the trim) — and I haven’t stolen the time to tend to my blog.

Many, many apologies.

I am working a 3/4 day “from home” with a cold, sitting in front of this stove, hoping it will burn the bugs out of my head.  Basketball season is over, baseball (and t-ball for little people!) starts soon. We have more cleats to buy, rain to wish away, and schedules to juggle.  I got an exploratory quote for new windows throughout the house, took detailed measurements of our bathroom for fixture-ordering, and filed taxes.  I have a hundred photos on my camera to share, but the last thing I want to do is venture to my cold office to find the USB cord.

So I will share one picture. I couldn’t bother with the scanner (also in my cold office), so I emailed this from my cell phone.  This could be the most unexpected, inconceivable conception to-date.  Here’s the project that’s been consuming me lately (please send food):

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  1. Mamma

     /  March 16, 2012

    Hi Kimmy,
    –John and I are very excited to meet this new little critter.
    Love, Mamma


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