Beautiful Things: The Piano

I saved $50 a month for 10 months before I started looking for a piano. There was no other way I could justify buying myself a $500 item, and even though I hoped the kids would be interested, I wasn’t going to pretend it was for them.

I knew a piano tuner that would go out of his way to examine a piano before letting anyone buy a lemon.  He called me right after he looked at it.  “If you don’t want to buy it, I’m going to.  And then I’ll polish it up and sell it for twice the amount.”

Uhh. OK. I’ll buy it.

He says that spinets aren’t worth the effort to move, unless it’s an Acrosonic. 

The Acrosonic. Please ignore the dust, the scratches, the smudges, and stains. Also, I hope no one notices that some of the scratches were made by animal claws, and that the music rack has been chewed on by an enthusiastic cat.

We still haven’t gotten it tuned. At this point, all I can trade is fresh-baked bread. We’re a little bit moneyless, and short on time.  But bread I can do.

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