Upstairs Bathroom (We Wait)


The Upstairs Bathroom

I don’t know what to say.  There are a bazillion things we could do with this space, but we … we are tired. We’ve lost inspiration. We’ve lost the will to pick out a paint color, to dream about toilet seats, to figure out what furniture we can put in here to store our towels and sundries.

Instead, we’ve turned this into a home for our geriatric cat, Kesey.  There are a few disadvantages: we tend to ignore the litter box; we tend to ignore Kesey; we tend to freak out when the kids leave the door open and Kesey escapes because how are we ever going to get him back in there and please Booker, stop torturing the poor cat! (Also, I no longer care to decorate or even unpack that last box from the move.)

Now, at least, there are many advantages.  Kesey no longer poops or pees in the rest of the house.  This means we are no longer racing Booker to see who can pick up the poop first (us with toilet paper in one hand and Clorox wipe in the other; Booker with his mouth at the ready), and we are no longer nervous when we leave an article of clothing (or a backpack, or a pile of shoes) on the floor.  Kesey’s anxiety-caused vomiting is rare.  Booker can’t chase the weak and tired clawless cat, and Zeppo, king of all cats (in his mind), no longer picks on the old man.

The best of all is that Kesey comes to us full of crazy purrs whenever we need to go pee.

[OK, OK, we do have some plans for the bathroom, the first of which is to buy the hardware to add a shower to the bathtub. Won’t it be lovely? A shower in the middle of the room? Our only shower at the moment is in the unheated bathroom in the addition off the back porch, which means we have to undress and dress in the cold, or at least traverse the cold back porch in our towel to get back to the house.  And seriously? I would love to take a bath. It looks really, really relaxing. Please come over and change the cat litter and clean out the tub and when you leave, take the kids with you.  Then I can take a bath.  On second thought, never mind, just come take the kids. Forget the bath; I’ll just sit here and stare.]

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