The Garage

Because our progress with some projects is slow, I thought I’d show you what we aren’t doing at the moment.


Garage entrance from yard. Yes, the door is not attached. The previous tenants decided to break off the door before moving. (Thanks!)

Attached shed and side yard. This is the location of the burn barrel, where we found remnants of burned furniture, aeresol cans, melted glass, and presumedly toxic ground, which we've shoveled into buckets and will take to the hazardous waste disposal facility.


Side shed. Note the green shag carpet.

This is the basic condition in which we received it after close of escrow. I wish I had a before picture - before they emptied the contents of the garage into a dumpster. We've since swept most of the floor and cleared the workbench. The carpet is still nailed to the floor.


I'm sure there were some good times in here. (And lots of drugs. Cheap malt liquor.)


Have we mentioned the green shag carpet?


The front doors are attached to these old trolley rails.


We haven't yet cleared the space enough to try to open them.


The other side of the garage is where the rats lived. I don't have a picture because I didn't realize the corner was significant until I noticed that I was sweeping mounds of rat shit. (You're welcome.)

Do you see that floor? No, I mean under the debris? Old-growth redwood. We’re not sure what we’re going to do yet. Tear it down and sell the wood? Lift it up and repair the foundation? The countdown starts now … We have five months to repair or demolish the garage or our homeowners insurance will be canceled. Wish us luck.
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  1. Ben

     /  January 1, 2012

    Repair it! Great for storage. Also, hey, free dartboard.

  2. amy

     /  January 1, 2012

    I like the trolley rails and redwood floors. How sturdy are the walls and what about the roof?

    • The roof is a little leaky, but it might be a simple roofing project. Right now it just has tar paper, and it looks like it’s pretty old. The siding is sturdy, and though we haven’t really investigated, the framing seems solid.

      The floors — the ends of the floorboards slope down into the dirt. To really fix the floor, we might have to lift the garage and re-do the foundation.

      The doors (on the trolley rails) are falling apart and patched in various places with other wood/plywood. It’s time to start luring our builder friends over with homecooked meals.

      At the very least, we need to fix the roof and paint the siding. Also, the place reeks of rat pee, so we need to really really really really really clean. (That’s the easy part.)


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