Moving Postponed (aka A Series of Unfortunate Events)

1) Thursday night, Sam and I painted a bedroom while we waited for Suddenlink to come and hook up the internet cable.

They never showed.

When I called them on Friday morning, they apologized (weakly) and said that someone was supposed to have called me on Wednesday because they rescheduled my appointment for the following Thursday.

I never received a call. And in angry tears told them how little I thought of their company and could I please have a local number to be able to find an earlier appointment.

The sweet lady in Texas said they don’t have any local numbers.

This would have been an absolute disaster if we didn’t have an extra 10 days to move. I had planned in advance, made the appointment to coordinate with a day off (to move my office) and just before our move. What if we had to be out of my house before the next appointment? How would I work? (A coffee shop?) How can they treat customers like this? I have never ever ever had a good thought of Suddenlink. Now? I think even less of them.

2) PG&E came on Friday to turn on the gas. The technician claims there is a leak in our kitchen stove and capped the line and said it needed repair. I’m assuming her lack of knowledge of antique stoves caused her to miss lighting a pilot, so that when she did turn on a burner, it caused a small explosion. I wish I had been there to work with her on it. Now I have to spend money on an appliance repairman, who will also fix the non-closing door, and replace the thermostat capillary clips. I had really hoped to refurbish the old stove myself. Oh well. Bleargh. (An email exchange with confirmed my suspicions — there is a third pilot that she probably didn’t know about.)

3) Our gas stove (only source of heating) wasn’t going to be delivered until Monday or Tuesday. So we were going to move in with no heat for a full weekend. Brrrrr.

4) The moving party was to begin at 11 a.m. Rain was forecasted to begin at 11 a.m. Ugh.

5) General sense of being unready — closets weren’t painted, playroom wasn’t painted. Another week to really prepare for the move would be good for us, even if I would have to really rush the cleaning of the rental house. Because seriously — it would be nice to be able to use the closets when we move in, right?

All signs pointed to DON’T MOVE. So we didn’t. Moving party rescheduled for Nov. 12. Instead of pizza (boring!), we’ll be feeding the crew homemade carnitas tacos and black bean soup. And lots and lots of beer (after we move the good furniture).

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