The Walls (Part 1)

After we got the carpet out, the men worked on removing the particle board and a thousand nails (more on that later), and I started on the walls.

Our closet.

Our closet.

Most of these photos were taken with my cell phone, so they don’t quite show the intensity or breadth of the work that was cut out for me. There were many challenges: filthy walls, big holes, hundreds and hundreds of nail holes, push pin holes, staples, scotch tape. Sharpie and magic marker graffiti. Dark paint in Max’s room, blue paint in ours. Cracked and chipping lead-based paint downstairs. There was candle wax, unidentified dried globs (mucous? semen?), and plenty of dirt. And in our bedroom, there were hundreds of small slashes — presumably where the kid was throwing his knife against the wall. Every wall.

A sampling of holes.

I spent plenty of time on the phone with various paint departments, and lots of time researching on the ‘net.

This is just above where our bed will go.

My main goal was to get as much primer and paint on the bedrooms and living rooms before the floors were to be refinished. That gave me two weeks, which sounds like a good amount of time, but juggling work and kids meant that I wasn’t working on the house as much as I wanted or expected. Also, Ben’s task of prepping the floors for refinishing took priority.

This is on the ceiling in Matthew's room. I love how you can see that it didn't work the first 6 times, but they decided to keep trying to hang something there.

I scrubbed walls with general purpose cleaner, and then rinsed with clean water. I filled holes with spackle, and then spackled some more. Every time I went past a wall, I found more and more and more tape and staples.

The three upstairs bedrooms had so much of this.

I got a couple good weekend days in, and a few weekday nights. Only a handful of hours, really. Eventually I hired someone to help — there just wasn’t enough time to make good progress without taking time off of work. And that would have been economically unwise. Just throw some primer on the walls and paint the ceilings, I told him.  The next day, I had him paint a couple rooms too.

No caption necessary.


Shellac primer. Three coats. Then latex primer. It's ready for paint.


Max helped roll the primer in his room.

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  1. Bonnie

     /  November 2, 2011

    Kim, you need to talk to Ben Lawless. I think the same people who decorated the walls of your house have been to his.


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