The Floors (Part 1)

We closed escrow on October 7. That night (I couldn’t wait), I went to the house to tear out some of the carpet.

All photos on this page taken with my cell phone. Had no time to remember the camera.

Two layers of carpet on the stairs. (Phone photo)

The floors had two layers of carpet. The top layer (shag green) was mostly removed during the cleaning of the house when we were still in escrow. At that time, two dumpsters were filled with broken furnishings, trash and old clutter. And shag green carpet.

Army man found in the shag.

There was a flea infestation so it was priority to get the carpet out, and I was terribly curious to see what was under the carpet.

Old gas box heater. We were happy to take this out too.

I knew it was particle board.

But what is under the particle board? I had to wait until Saturday to find out.

Some of the stains on the particle board. Yuck.

The weekend we closed escrow, Amy and Kirby were visiting. They took care of Sam, while Ben and I and Jerome (yay!) ripped out carpet and particle board.

This was from one corner of the upstairs hallway -- next to the bathroom door. Just four square feet of carpet had this much dust underneath.

Some of the padding and carpet. It was gross.

And we found redwood.

Good redwood flooring in the living room.

We weren’t sure if we could refinish the floor, or if we still had to put new flooring over it. We needed to keep working on the house and sleep on it a few nights.

It might be something good.

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  1. Yay, Kim and Ben! Congratulations on the discovery of redwood floors! It made me remember pulling up the carpet here in our house 18 years ago. To think they had these nice wood floors covered up by brown “rental” shag. Sounds like your place has “good bones.”


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